FHL, here I come!

My husband and I came out to Salt Lake City a few days early to go skiing in the beautiful mountains only 20 minutes outside the city.  

But of course, winter being what it is, his flight home was canceled, so he spent an extra day in SLC and got to see a bit of what fascinates me about coming out to Utah….
Me… surprised while retrieving a microfilm

….the Family History Library! 

The resources of this library, as anyone reading this knows, are breathtakingly vast, and I'm so glad my husband had the chance to see it.  He now has a better sense of why I go weak at the knees just thinking about coming here.

Today is the first day of Rootstech, but I just want to quickly mention a new app I used at the library yesterday.  I often use my iPad to take photo notes when I'm researching, but this time I used a scanning App called "Turbo Scan" and was thrilled to see the results I got.  I love the high-quality microfilm scanners you can use at the FHL, but they can be a little fiddly to use, which makes it all the harder if there is a line of people waiting.  With Turbo Scan, I take three shots of any image I want, and the program somehow merges them into one highly readable document.

This is a document I scanned directly from the microfilm reader.  I am really pleased with the quality. I am blowing it up large so you can see what I'm talking about.