Working the FAN* club

I have connected with an energetic group of DNA cousins -- we know our common geographic location in Ireland, but are trying to work out exactly how we are all related.  It's not easy, since cousins married cousins and there are not many extant records documenting the families.  Unlike many of the group members who are Irish through and through, I am only linked through my paternal grandfather's maternal line.  So although I can only contribute a limited amount of information to the group, what I do have is straightforward.  

Thanks to the website, I have examined the marriage and baptismal records for two generations of my family in County Cork, together with the names of the baptismal sponsors, who were likely friends or relatives of the parents...and we all know the importance of thoroughly investigating our ancestors' Friends, Associates, and Neighbors!  

All of these records were from the parish of Muintervara.  The family's place of residence was written in ten different ways, reflecting the care or lack thereof with which the priest recorded the information.  (I'm noting my direct ancestors with a double asterisk "**")

I'm hoping that members of our DNA group will find their ancestors among the baptismal sponsors or marriage witnesses so we can compare notes.

Family of Timothy Kelly & Julia/Judith Leary

29 April 1830 (Marriage) Timy Kelly to Julia Leary, residence: Bantry.
Witnesses: Edwd Leary and Morgan Donovan.

**22 May 1831 (Baptism) Margaret, of Timothy Kelly and Julia Leary, residence: Danour.
Sponsors: Simon Collins and Margaret Boohan.

30 Sep 1832 (Baptism) Mary, of Timothy Kelly and Julia Leary, residence: Danour.
Sponsors: Eugene McCarty and Catherine Leary.

9 Mar 1834 (Baptism) Patrick, of Timy Kelly and Julia Leary, residence: Dunrour.
Sponsors: Dennis Carty and Cathe Lynch.

14 Mar 1836 (Baptism) Timothy, of Timothy Kelly and Judith Leary, residence: Dienois.
Sponsors: Edward Mullins and Mary Murphy.

2 May 1837 (Baptism) William, of Tim Kelly and Jude Leary, residence: Dunure.
Sponsors: James Daly and Bridget Kelly.

5 Feb 1839 (Baptism) John, of Timothy Kelly and Judith Leary, residence: Dunure.
Sponsors: Edmund Murphy and Mary Gallagher.

22 Aug 1841 (Baptism) Edmd, of Tim Kelly and Judith Leary, residence: Danure.
Sponsors: Charles Regan and Margt. Arundel.

12 Aug 1843 (Baptism) Jude, of Tim Kelly and Jude Leary, no residence.
Sponsors: DS Donovan and Margt. Donovan.

10 Aug 1845 (Baptism) Bridget, of Tim Kelly and Jude Leary, residence: Donure.
Sponsors: Tim Lynch and Kate Croneen.

Judith Leary appears as baptismal sponsor

5 Sep 1842 (Baptism) Judith, of Denis Carthy and Johanna Sullivan, residence: Ballycommon.
Sponsors: Judith Leary and DL Hurly.

19 Feb 1844 (Baptism) DL, of Jery Leary and Johanna Duggan, residence: Dunaholla.
Sponsors: Judith Leary and John Sullivan.

20 Aug 1848 (Baptism) John, of John Sullivan and Kitty Donovan, residence: Gurtrall.
Sponsors: Jude Leary and Pat Houlihane.

Family of John Flynn and Margaret Kelly

18 Sep 1855 (Marriage -- Church of Ireland) John Flynn [b. ca 1815] and Margaret Kelly [b. ca 1829], both signed by mark, residence: Donoor.
Witnesses: William Coghlan and David Burleigh.

"Irish Marriage Returns," Durrus Kilcrohane, Cork, Ireland, 18 Sep 1855, p. 661. FHL film # 101363.

Children -- all baptized in RC church

28 Feb 1858 (Baptism) Patk, of John Flynn and Margt Kelly, residence: Dunour.
Sponsors:  Edward Flynn and Mary Kelly.

20 Oct 1861 (Baptism) James, of John O'Flynn and Margrett Kelly, residence: Dounour.
Sponsors: Edwd Kelly and Mary O'Driscoll.

**27 Jun 1864 (Baptism) Julia, of John Flynn and Margret Kelly, residence: Doonoor.
Sponsors:  James Flynn and Bridget Kelly.

2 Sep 1866 (Baptism) Anne, of John Flynn and Margt Kelly, residence: Dhunour.
Sponsors: Jno and Catherine Brien.

3 Jul 1870 (Baptism) Denis, of John Flynn and Margaret Kelly, residence: Doonoor.
Sponsors: Jerh Leyhane and Catherine Lynch.

14 Jul 1872 (Baptism) Margarita, of Joannes Flynn and Margarite Kelly, residence: Droamclough.
Sponsors: Thomas Kelly and Maria Kelly.

12 Jul 1874 (Baptism) Abby, of John Flynn and Margrett Kely, no residence.
Sponsors: Cors Flynn and Johanna Hourigan.

My great-grandmother was Julia Mary Flynn, who came to America sometime in the 1880s -- You can find my earlier posts about my search for her family here.

*Note:  The FAN club is Elizabeth Shown Mills' acronym for "Friends, Associates, and Neighbors."  Thorough research should always include the records of those people whose lives touched your ancestors!