Spears Bible Revealed

Some time ago, I wrote about finding pages from an original Bible that corroborates information floating on the internet about the Spears family of Hawkins County, Tennessee.  Now, two years later, my distant cousin James Spears -- the tireless researcher who tracked down the Bible in the first place -- has received permission from the owner of the Bible pages to publish them on my blog.  The original Bible itself is long gone, along with publication information that could help date the entries, but what remains are several pages torn from the family record section, and preserved in the family of Mrs. Helen Crigger.  

According to the story in Mrs. Crigger's family, the Bible originally belonged to Mary Elizabeth Amis, the second wife of Lazarus Spears.  The handwriting is consistent across the pages, with the exception of the last two entries on the "Deaths" page.  Although the handwriting is mostly the same, the fact that the ink shows little variation throughout the document suggests that Mary Elizabeth wrote most of these entries at one time from memory, and not as the events occurred.


I.  Births

Lazarus Spears was born September 27th 1781

Elizabeth M. Amis was born December 17th 1812

Sarah E. Spears Daughter of L. & E.M. Spears was born April 17th 1834

Nancy A. Spears Daughter of L. & E.M. Spears was born December 22nd 1837

Martha Jane Spears Daughter &c was born September 25th 1842

Lucy Alice Spears Daughter &c was born April 30th 1840

Mary Francis Spears Daughter &c was born July 25th 1844

Matilda A. Spears Daughter was born May 29th 1848

Samuel Spears son of Lazarus and E.M. Spears was born January 15th 1835

Decst December 15th 1836

Oscar Dewit Charles son of J.W. & L.A. Charles born April 10th 1859

births, continued

II.  Births

Mary E. Sensabaugh daughter of R. M. & S. E. Sensabaugh was born Jan     1854.

Theodore Christian Sensabaugh son of R.M. & S.E. Sensabaugh was born July 4th 1857.

Margaret Jane Sensabaugh daughter of R.M & S.E. Sensabaugh was born April 9th 1851 [date smudged]

Joann Alice Seabolt daughter of G.W. & N.A. Seabolt was born December 31st 1856.

Lucy Hagan Seabolt daughter of G.W. & N.A. Seabolt was born February     1859.


III. Deaths

Samuel Spears son of L. & E.M. Spears died December 15th 1836.

Lazarus Spears died March the 4th 1849.

Jesse Spears son of L. & N. Spears died March the 4th 1859.

Druery A. Spears son of L. & N. Spears died February 14th 1860.

Joann Alice Seabolt daughter of G.W. & N.A. Seabolt died May     1858.

Matilda A. Galbraith died May 29th 1886. [different handwriting]

Elizabeth M. Spears died Nov 4th 1873. [date smudged, and in a different handwriting]

Thanks again to James Spears, a descendant of Lazarus Spears and his first wife Nancy Haynes through their son Kendrick, whose hard work was key to bringing this original source to light, and for making sure that it is preserved in a digital format for all descendants to share.  Thanks, too, to Mrs. Helen Crigger, who descends from Lazarus and his second wife, Mary Elizabeth Amis through their daughter Mary Frances Spears and her husband Henry Amis.  And....since we are mentioning lines of descent, I will add that my line goes through Lazarus and Mary Elizabeth's daughter Nancy Amanda Spears and her husband George Washington Seabolt.